WORKSPACE: Convenient and Structured Working

The Radiology Information System provides a high degree of flexibility thanks to the use of automatically updated panes, the plug-ins.

In a novel, mask-free WORKSPACE, which you can configure in line with your needs, you obtain an overview of all required information. Time-consuming working your way through menu trees is a thing of the past; we employ our proven "One-Click to Information" philosophy.

  • Use of individual plug-ins depending on the work step: from patient appointment to diagnosing and all the way to billing.
  • Information in the plug-ins is updated automatically when you switch to another patient.
  • If a radiologist only treats MRT patients, for example, he can have only these patients displayed using a simple selection; long and involved filtering of records is no longer required.
  • The electronic memo function with linked patient record supports radiologists in providing focused processing of patient inquiries. WORKSPACE permits parallel processing of cases. At the same time, the system enables an immediate return to the previous work process. As a result, the modern .NET technology demonstrates how user-friendly it is.
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