MODULAR SOLUTIONS: Integrate Valuable Supplementary Information

Add-on functions, which support your radiology processes in a targeted manner, are also available from other NEXUS solutions. In the same way as the Hospital Information Systems from NEXUS, the new RIS can be enhanced modularly.

Regardless of whether laboratory values, details from materials management or information about the hospital stay of a patient, valuable functions from other hospital areas are integrated in the new NEXUS / RIS.

The NEXUS / CURATOR knowledge base provides information from quality documentation, e.g., SOPs, structured and decentrally. In addition, certifications can be supported and contracts managed efficiently with NEXUS / CURATOR. When necessary, the system reminds you of outdated expertise.

Radiology offices can be provided data about further treatment via the NEXUS / REFERRAL PORTAL. This ensures integrated health care thanks to direct communication between referring doctor and hospital.



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