NEXUS / RIS: Save Time in a Targeted Manner

„The new NEXUS / RIS is exactly what we need: simpler, intuitive and it saves us time.“

Maren Ingwersen, Project and Quality Management, Kiel City Hospital GmbH

We scored a bit hit with out NEXUS / RIS – for us and for you: maximum user-friendliness, extremely time-saving and completely adapted to the workflows in your radiology. There had been no new RIS perfectly tailored to your needs on the market for a decade. Radiologists and MTAs are filled with enthusiasm. See for yourself!

The pre-configured diagnosis of examinations is especially striking. It provides radiologist and doctors with valuable support in structuring their daily work oriented to processes and consequently in saving time. The new, mask-free interface, the NEXUS / WORKSPACE, provides you with a virtual workstation completely adapted to your needs.

Maximum time savings

  • Adaptable to personal working methods at your workstation: Very different system areas are integrated; multiple logging on is no longer required. You obtain all information at a glance in NEXUS / WORKSPACE.
  • If you switch to another patient, all panes are updated immediately.
  • Maximum user-friendliness

  • The WORKSPACE can be designed individually in line with your workflows.
  • The electronic memo function with linked patient record supports radiologists in providing focused processing of patient inquiries. WORKSPACE permits parallel processing of cases.
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