NEXUS / DERMATOLOGY: Digital documentation of dermatology and aesthetic medical treatment

The medical NEXUS information system for dermatology covers structured digital documentation of diagnostic and therapeutic services for skin treatment.

It ranges from traditional dermatology to aesthetic treatment medicine and from medical cosmetics to allergology.

The diagnosis and therapy forms are clearly structured corresponding to the treatment status of patients. They depict the course of treatment in hospitals completely. The data are available in a structured form to authorized users at each workstation simultaneously.

All treatment steps can be documented in the provided NEXUS / DERMATOLOGY forms. In addition to medical data, the progress of each treatment can be recorded using various menus and checkboxes as well as in free text fields.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Pre-configured, complete medical documentation of the dermatology specialist areas
  • Simple picture management
  • Uniform workflows and scheduling with the HIS
  • Search:


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