DICOM: Equipment integration

Jobs and diagnostic clarifications can be processed completely electronically in NEXUS / DENTAL.

An electronic workflow is generated for radiology with electronic order placement, e.g., panoramic radiograph. Jobs can be scheduled via drag & drop. The job data such as examination type, patient and job number are transmitted electronically to the respective modality via DICOM, all without any additional manual entries. Available pictures and findings are integrated directly into the electronic patient record, which you as dentist can retrieve directly and view in original format (DICOM).

As a component of the dental information system, NEXUS / PICTURE MANAGEMENT makes it possible for you to view films or photos, insert them in the patient record and file in the archiving system for storage.

Via NEXUS / INTEGRATION SERVER, NEXUS / DENTAL supports all important equipment and data formats manufacturer-independent and consequently enables depicting work processes completely digitally with equipment integration.



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