STUDENT ADMINISTRATION: Train, advise and test

In addition to research at university dentistry schools, teaching and consequently training future dentists is of utmost importance. The training and teaching of students places additional demands on dental software.

Using NEXUS / DENTAL, you as person responsible have the possibility of approving, modifying and/or enhancing student treatment plans. The next work steps are released with the approval, e.g., calculating the treatment cost schedule/estimated costs, scheduling and even performance.

The services performed are recorded and consequently allocated automatically to the training certificate of the student. Comprehensive evaluations make it possible for you to view the current education and training status of your students as well as to create and print their grades and certificates.

NEXUS / CONTINUING EDUCATION MANAGEMENT enables direct linking of student or staff member with continuing education offers of your hospital and scheduling continuing education services as well as seeing who participated in specific events.



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