NEXUS / BRACHY: The module for brachytherapy

The complete patient record for brachytherapy is depicted in NEXUS / OIM Brachytherapy. The target volume is defined starting with the treatment concept.

All persons involved in the treatment process such as doctor, RT and physicists have access to the brachy records and trigger the next processes with their electronic signature and release.

The radiation treatment plan

contains an overview with diagnosis, target, plan reference, equipment type and – if applicable – available picture material. In addition to these data, catheters and existing documents can be added to the radiation treatment plan.
Automated display of irradiation data is via DICOM integration. NEXUS Brachytherapy can be used in conjunction with the radiooncology system or as a stand-alone. Scheduler and entry of services performed round out the brachy information system.

Die automatisierte Darstellung der Bestrahlungsdaten, wird über die DICOM Integration realsiert. NEXUS Brachytherapie kann in Verbindung mit dem Radioonkologiesystem wie auch stand alone eingesetzt werden. Terminplaner und Leistungserfassung runden das Brachyinformationssystem ab.

The automated depiction of the radiation data is realiszed via DICOM integration. NEXUS brachytherapy in conjunction with the radiation oncology as well as stand-alone system can be used. Treatment plan and work recording round off the brach information system.



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