DOCUMENT ROUTING: Heading for ISO certification in an efficient way

NEXUS / CURATOR offers a comprehensive approach to all current certification process. The presentation of processes with the flow chart function is easy and intuitional.

You can realize all requirements with NEXUS / CURATOR that certification procedures such as ISO, KTQ or proCum Cert have.

Routed documents, multilevel test steps and audit compliance with regular resubmission form a circular concept. Processes can be retrived on an individual process landscape, areas of validility and evidence lists can be retrived in the form of ISO 9001 structure.

Web-based and database-driven flow charts visualize your processes. Deviations from audits may be transferred in connection to the project management application. These deviations can be incorporated in a comprehensive workflow to improve processes.

The benefits at a glance:

+ The complete package for certifications, e.g. DIN ISO
+ Auditable and routed quality documentation
+ With the intuitive web-based flowchart process model



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