Laboratory SOPs: Automated creation of procedures

"NEXUS / CURATOR has put us in a few days, the solution to this urgent problem. The expected total cost was reduced by 90%. "

Prof.. Dr. Matthias Orth, Medical Director - Institute of Laboratory Medicine, St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in

The RiliBÄK required laboratories to document all laboratory medical examination procedures in operating procedures (SOPs) and in the workplace constantly to provide.

NEXUS / CURATOR can with laboratory SOPs for all relevant application data, including the manufacturer's instructions and additional information from the attached laboratory information system (LIS), export them to a standardized form.

Benefits at a glance:

  • SOPs from laboratory information system to automatically create and update
  • External blurb jacket with stripes in the automated steering integrate
  • Workplace Focused document lists to support the daily work
  • Search:


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