TREATMENT PLANNING: Diagnosis, Objective, Measure

The derivation of treatment measures from the case history, the diagnosis and the treatment objective are core functions of NEXUS / TREATMENT PLANNING.

The following applies for this: Treatment can be planned manually or derived automatically. When this is done, the treatment process model is customized for your hospital and stored as a default. NEXUS derives the measures according to your model and creates daily work lists, which can be worked through. All measures are displayed in a clearly arranged chart referring to the patient.

Automatic derivation of services

When the measure is confirmed, a measure is derived automatically. NEXUS / HIS supports you in planning and detailed documentation.

Treatment overview:

Comprehensive overview of treatment diagnoses, objectives and measure in conjunction with medical measures.

Treatment diagnoses

You can derive treatment diagnoses automatically from the case history according to specified links. Standard catalogs such as Nanda or ICNP can be integrated or hospital catalogs can be use in body text.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Depiction of various treatment process models
  • Use of various catalogs
  • Automatic user prompting in treatment planning with proposals for treatment objectives and treatment measures
  • Automatic display of treatment measures in the patient chart
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