Display of all available or booked consultation and OP appointments / customizable views (theaters, doctors and times) within OP planning/ procedure-dependent display of appropriate doctors and treatment rooms; OP planning with specified standard times or planning time units; controlling of OP workflows.

A special feature strength of the integrated OP Planner of NEXUS is in OP workflow control. The OP Planner displays the current state of the current OP in real time.

Plan times correctly

Continual target/actual comparison as well as optimization of the preparation and follow-up times are made possible. As a result, NEXUS / OP PLANNING becomes a clearly arranged optimization tool for the complete OP process.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Patient-specific OP planning
  • User-specific OP planning according to quota
  • Emergency management via prioritizing surgical procedures
  • Individual calendar views and appoint lists
  • Comprehensive documentation of all resources
  • Search:


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