NEXUS / EMERGENCY: An Intelligent Management System

Intelligent management system / improvement of the state of information in the emergency room / optimum overview of occupancy of the emergency room; NEXUS / EMERGENCY provides support for the complete process of the emergency ward from admission to moving or discharge.


Displays all patient data and updates them automatically when new information is entered in the electronic records.


Emergency care patients are classified at admission and entered in a form-based dashboard. With bed allocation, all important patient master data and the tentative diagnosis are displayed directly and clearly arranged on a large screen. The display of the web-based dashboards is updated automatically.

With the help of color-coding,

doctors are shown the length of time since admission and the initial diagnosis for the respective patient. The urgency of an emergency decides the treatment order, which is displayed logically in the structure of the dashboard display. This enables efficient and effective initial care with optimum supply of information.



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