MAMMARY GLAND ULTRASOUND: Interactive Diagnosing

You can diagnose interactively using a sketch of the breast with help of the mammary gland ultrasound.

Previous findings can be transferred unchanged into the system. The 2-D view for documenting diagnostic interventions and chart comparison with previous findings helps you in making decisions.

Integration of ultrasonic diagnoses directly into documentation makes it easier for you to obtain a fast overview into structured diagnoses.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Ablation documentation at the click of the mouse with transfer into the sketch of the breast
  • Freehand pen for documenting scars on the sketch of the breast
  • Documentation of invasive diagnostics on the two-dimensional sketch of the breast
  • Input mask according to the requirements of the "Study Group for Mammary Gland Diagnostics "(DEGUM)“
  • BIRAD 5 or 6 selectable in the configuration
  • Overview of preliminary examination incl. transfer of the results
  • Clearly arranged display of ultrasonograms with integrated picture management
  • Allocation of findings using drag + drop
  • Integration of various letter templates, incl. processing in MS Word
  • Integration of an image management system via framegrabbing or DICOM links rounds out the NEXUS / GYNECOLOGY module.

    As a result, NEXUS / GYNECOLOGY is the ideal supplement to NEXUS / OBSTETRICS. See for yourself!



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