CUTTING AND LABOR: Integrated Macro Photography

The integrated macro photography ensures that the received material can be documented photographically with little work. Without having to use your hands, you can zoom in or out of a picture using a foot pedal switch or trigger a shot.

The picture is allocated automatically in the database to the correct case and then is immediately available in the complete institute.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Integration of microscopes and transfer of photos into the diagnosis text
  • Control of the microscope e-camera using a foot pedal
  • Access to previous findings at retrieval of the patient record
  • Automated picture allocation to the case image processing tools
  • Control of capsule and microscopic slide printers
  • Optional integration of automatic laboratory equipment
  • Digital microscope images

    Measurements can be performed subsequently in the picture using a calibrated camera device. The pictures taken are transferred without any additional work required into the findings or into a PowerPoint presentation for hospital conferences, for example.



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