Providing our customers with maximum benefits is the goal of NEXUS AG. Partners play a decisive role in this with their experience and competence. The success of partners is also a success for NEXUS.



ACKERMANN by Honeywell

The specialist for communication systems and security solutions in hospitals: Integrated bedside and multimedia terminals, e.g., for automated documentation of patient calls and presence times.




Barco is a global technology company, which plans and develops visualization solutions.


Our hardware partner for certified equipment and system solutions, tested for use with NEXUS software: NEXUS / CERTIFIED SYSTEMS




FAST LTA AG focuses on storage technologies for long-term, secure storage of digital data. FAST LTA develops and markets innovative technologies and products to that end.




Management information, reports and analyses from NEXUS solutions are processed clearly arranged with Flexreport.




HP is a technology company, which develops technologies and services that provide new possibilities for mastering daily challenges.




INFINITT is a company for image diagnosing solutions, information management technologies and service providing.



Intel Corp.

Intel, the globally leading company in semi-conductor innovation, develops and produces the underlying technology for computer products.




Every person, regardless of whether patient, resident, person in need of care, rehabilitee, relative or guest at an institution in the healthcare system deserves optimum treatment or care. The Cooperation for Transparency and Quality (abbreviated KTQ) in the healthcare system supports this goal.



Our implementation partner for the HIS comprehensive solution in psychiatric clinics.



SpeaKING® dictation from MediaInterface, because everything speaks in favor of this! Professional dictation and voice recognition solutions in the healthcare system.




Partner in automatic aquisition and forwarding of patient data of medical devices to patient data management systems.



Language-based solutions for clinical documentation and communication. The SpeechMagic Solution Builder from Nuance supports doctors in creating diagnoses and doctors' letters.




One of the globally leading manufacturers of optical and digital products, among other things, for medical applications: NEXUS software supplements and complements the joint, integrated OP solution. With it, medical staff are provided increased support and their work is made easier before, during and after operations. 




Oracle provides the most comprehensive, most open and most integrated company software and hardware systems in the world.



Pfizer AG

Pfizer markets more than 180 drugs in Switzerland, most requiring prescriptions, for people and animals and contributes substantially to healthcare of the population there.



SAP develops customized company solutions. Regardless of whether customer relationship management, supply chain management or product lifecycle management, SAP solutions optimize all central business processes, which are decisive for success today.



Fisher Scientific provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services used in healthcare, scientific research, safety and education.




International Distribution Partner


Acertys Healthcare Aartselaar (MEDA) (Belgium)

Acertys is a partner for hospitals and medical professionals and offers software products, services and supplies & accessories in selected medical domains.



Hospital Hispanie, S.L. (Spain)

Hospital Hispania is dedicated for the clinical equipment. They are focussed on the technical installation and maintenance of electrical medical devices (respiratory, cardiology, neurophysiology).



Medilon EOOD (Bulgaria)

The activities of “Medilon” EOOD are focused towards the implementation of integrated solutions for equipping and furnishing hospital departments, operating rooms, ICU’s and central sterilization departments, and also focused towards the fulfillment of innovative therapeutic programs for the treatment of cardio-vascular and neurology diseases.


STRYVA (United Arab Emirates)

STRYVA is a strategic next-generation for Information Technology, Data Center and Managed Services. They exclusively focus on providing niche and emerging security solutions and Managed Security Services for SOC to customers across enterprises and SME's.



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