JOB ORDERS: Managing Orders and Jobs

One important responsibility of doctors is to issue orders for various professional groups, e.g., diagnostics, therapy, nursing and medication.

The integrated Job Orders module enables you to issue these orders individually or collectively with just a few clicks. Together with NEXUS / SCHEDULING, these service providers can plan these orders per drag & drop. As the ordering party, you are notified of the appointment and receive the associated findings directly after completion of the order.

Overview of orders

The order monitor (workflow) enables you to see the status in a chart at any time. This is an essential tool for controlling all patient activities.

Requesting jobs

Send requests in line with your requirements completely and electronically based on the service and tools catalogs. With a few clicks, you can then send jobs to diagnostic or therapy workstations from the service or tools catalogs.

Viewing findings

You can see the various release statuses per finding in the order monitor and receive notification of new findings as soon as these are filed in the order monitor. The findings are transferred automatically into the required doctors' letters.

Scheduling appointments

Appointments can be sought with all combination options and booked directly.



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