User-friendly documentation: We use our "best practice forms" and design them to fit your individual documentation and workflow structure. NEXUS / HIS documentation is multi-media based, i.e., scans, pictures, referral documents and videos can be integrated without problems.

During the course of treatment, NEXUS / HIS helps you to document case histories and admittance examinations with the least possible work and complete the requirements of necessary examinations quickly. Pre-configured forms (best practice) make it possible to document in a structured or free way. Supporting functions are available such as image comparisons, scorings and evaluations in NEXUS / HIS to simplify initial medical assessments.

Your therapeutic measures are supported by NEXUS / HIS with interdisciplinary documentation of the course of treatment. The planning and documentation processes as well as equipment integration are shown in the specialist solutions. A uniform data model ensures that data consistency is maintained. The uniform interface in all modules simplifies work for users.

The primary task of NEXUS / HIS is to save time in documenting. This includes automatic transfer of Federal Statistics Data as well as the making available of text modules and areas in patient documentation.

We have set the objective of deriving documentation to the greatest extent possible from the case or already existing documentation. This especially applies to fast encoding of diagnoses and deducing treatments. Other areas such as automatic generation of discharge reports, medical analyses and task lists are part of the basic functions of NEXUS / HIS.


Der Standard kann auf Sie individuell angepasst werden und automatisiert generiert werden.



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