Institute for pathology of Klinikum Offenbach GmbH bets on NEXUS / PATHOLOGY

The Institute for Pathology of Klinikum Offenbach GmbH (Offenbach Hospital) has decided in favor of the pathology solution from NEXUS to replace its old system. Its great degree of system innovation as well as the future development perspectives in mutual collaboration were the decisive factors in the selection of NEXUS / PATHOLOGY.

Klinikum Offenbach GmbH is a hospital providing maximum care and has a pivotal role in the health care of more than 450,000 people far beyond the Rhine-Main region. Every year, more than 70,000 patients are treated and cared for by 300 doctors and 900 staff members in nursing and other positions. A total of 926 beds are available for this.

Klinikum Offenbach GmbH collaborates closely with registered doctors in private practice in the surroundings and provides comprehensive, sector-overlapping care of patients in the Rhine-Main region with various cooperative ventures in medical and nursing areas.

The Institute for Pathology of Klinikum Offenbach GmbH provides comprehensive examination methods, e.g., histological, cytological and molecular pathology examinations as well as immunohistochemical special staining and autopsies. Its tumor banks are a special feature, which are also filled with samples collected and stored from patients. Breast cancer patients can store their tumor tissue in the tumor bank "PATH" of the Patients Tumorbank of Hope foundation. Other tumor types (kidneys, intestines, etc.) are stored in a large interdisciplinary tumor bank. Storage in liquid nitrogen makes it possible for patients to test whether specific treatment forms can be successful when there are newly developed diagnostic methods or treatments in the future.

To depict this wide range of services on the IT side, the heads of the Institute for Pathology and the EDP Department sought a modern technical platform with an innovative company supporting it in the background to take advantage of the stability in close collaboration in the future on one hand, and on the other hand to advance functionality and further development together.

"Observation of the various companies over the past years has demonstrated to us that NEXUS / PATHOLOGY has not only taken up trends and developed innovative concepts in collaboration with pathology wards, but has also implemented a lot of this in its software."
Dr. Susanne Braun, Chief Physician of Offenbach Pathology

NEXUS / PATHOLOGY controls the processes in pathology from material entry all the way to billing. The connection of capsule and microscopic slide printers to automatic case allocation and optical character recognition at reading referral certificates are only two of the innovative functions, which the pathology solution from NEXUS provides.


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