MVO Group selects NEXUS / SPM for further development of its activities

After the takeover of the "in situ" sterilizations in the "Pôle Santé Sud" hospital from Le Mans (F) and other institutions around Angoulême and Orléans, MVO Group is now expanding its activities further. The Group has operated an outsourced sterilization center in Saint Herblain (Departement Loire-Atlantique) since March 2012. Once again, the control software NEXUS / SPM is being used for managing and tracking the sterilization process at this site.

MVO Group specializes in the sterilization of medical equipment and developed from a French industrial group. Since its founding in 2008, the Group has enriched the medical sector in very varied ways thanks to its industry culture and procedures," according to Development Manager Ludovic De Poix.

The company only performed on-site sterilizations until 2012, all using the software NEXUS / SPM

MVO Group has developed continually further and opened an outsourced sterilization center in Saint Herblain (Departement Loire-Atlantique) in March 2012, which collaborates with several institutions in the Nantes metropolitan area. This site is very large with 2.000 m² of developed area, 1,100 m² of which are purely production areas. A total of 25 people are employed there.

MVO decided to integrate NEXUS / OPTIM in the expansion of its activities by using the NEXUS / SPM solution at this site. Ludovic De Poix explained that there are several reasons for this selection:
Not only the flexibility, the personal relationships and fast reaction capability of NEXUS / OPTIM create the basis for successful win-win partnerships with customers. MVO Group is also going to profit in the future from the irreplaceable 20-years of experience in the area of tracking sterilized instruments. The user-friendliness and simplicity of the solution also enable top-rate data entry for users and consequently provide the effective reliability of the control indicators that MVO needs. The modern functions and user-friendly interfaces not only fulfill all legal requirements, but also enable a high degree of processing quality in that they especially ensure the process of putting containers back together. MVO Group also has all functions of a solution suitable for industry with the software NEXUS / SPM, which the persons responsible highly appreciate, especially the engineers.


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