Bethesda hospital Basel starts operation successfully with NEXUS / OBSTETRICS

The obstetrics clinic at Bethesda Hospital Basel has been working successful with the first function of NEXUS / OBSTETRICS since October. CTG-monitoring from NEXUS is already being used, and other applications are being installed successively.

Bethesda Hospital in Basel is distinguished by the two core disciplines locomotor systems and women’s health. The hospital provides top-rate medical care and comprehensive personal support. The specialists collaborate across disciplines and employ a holistic approach. Bethesda Hospital promotes  innovation and works according to state-of-the-art research and technology.

The two core disciplines are supplemented by the wide range of the basic medical, nursing and therapeutic offers of an emergency care hospital, rehabilitation clinic and a comprehensive outpatient offer. Personal support, medical care, easy-going atmosphere, outstanding hotels and the peaceful location in a park support successful recovery. The daily work of midwives and doctors is simplified considerably with NEXUS / OBSTETRICS:

NEXUS / OBSTETRICS ensures complete documentation of fi ndings from the start. Pictures and measurement data are taken from the ultrasound equipment, allocated directly to patient diagnoses and stored centrally. CTG-monitoring is always depicted via the obstetrics solution from NEXUS and increases safety in the delivery room and at wards substantially. Documentation of the course of labor in the form of a partogram is an important component of birth.

The significance of a partogram corresponds to that of an OP report and contains all important information such as fi ndings, persons administering treatment and measures. As a result, it provides up-to-date and clearly arranged information about the course of delivery to all those involved.

The kick-off for this comprehensive project was in October, in which CTG-monitoring was installed first. Approx. 20 users already work successfully with the central CTGmonitoring system. Additional subfunctions from NEXUS / OBSTETRICS are also ready for installation.


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